MyGrid 5.x : Grid-Tie Solar Power System

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A 5kW grid-tie solar power package for homes connected to the utility grid. And we make sure it looks good! The power your roof generates, is power you don’t have to buy from the utility. This system will cover 50-70% of a typical Canadian home’s annual power consumption. 15-year (+/-) payback, with immediate increase in market value. An investment that pays!

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A 5kW grid-tie solar power package for homes connected to the utility grid. A great way to reduce your electrical consumption and to start using solar energy at your home. Depending on your location and exposure, this system will cover 50-70% of a typical Canadian home’s annual power consumption. The power your roof generates, is power you don’t have to buy from the utility.

It has to look good!

We match the solar modules to your roof colour, and select racking that doesn’t look like it was designed by NASA. Choose from black or silver module frames. Select from rounded profile rails, or ones that hide under the modules & finish flush with the module edges for a clean appearance.
We can even upgrade you to all-black modules, or frameless modules that look like a beautiful skylight hovering over your roof!

Save on your utility bill… maybe even get paid!

The MyGrid 5.x Grid-Tie System has everything you need to participate in the Net Metering program of any province.
Visit the website of your local utility to find out about Net Metering programs available to you.

BC Hydro currently pays 9.9 cents per KWh for power you produce in excess of your annual consumption. That’s more than they charge for tier 1 power rates. Read More

With power rates set to rise for years to come, going solar means locking in at an affordable rate for the next 25+ years!

It’s never been so easy to get solar power working for you!

The MyGrid 5 grid-tie solar system ties into your home’s main breaker panel, and interfaces perfectly with your local utility. It’s that simple to reduce your energy bill, or even get paid by your utility.

Your electrical utility rates are set to rise every year, but with solar, you have the ability to produce your own power and beat those rate hikes! Clean, quiet, secure power for 25+ years.

The MyGrid 5.x solar power system is ideal for…

  • Homeowners who want to invest in solar power
  • Homeowners who want to minimize the impact of utility rate hikes
  • Homes that have a section of unobstructed/unshaded roof space
How does this system work?

The premium, tier 1 solar modules included in this kit produce the power & pass it to a string inverter that converts the power to AC & feeds it into your main breaker panel & utility meter.

How much power does this system produce?

This system is rated at 4,800 Watts (16 x 300W panels). For most Canadian locations, given a south-facing sloped roof with no shading, these panels will produce between 5-7 MWh of energy per year. This amount to 50-70% of a typical home’s annual consumption.

With 25-year power output warranties on the solar panels, and 10-20 years on other key components, these offer power security.

What’s included?

The powerful rooftop solar system features REC solar modules – a reliable European brand name you can trust to deliver rated power for decades. REC Twin Peak modules are also the best option on the market when you want to avoid power losses due to shading, soiling, leaves, debris, & snow.

Your MyGrid system connects to the utility via Enphase IQ microinverter system. Module-level output optimization, distributed architecture, simple installation, required safety systems are built-in, and AC wiring from your panels down to your main breaker panel makes it simple for your electrician.

The combination of REC Twin Peak modules with Enphase microinverters means shading, soiling, and other effects are minimized so that you are always producing the most power possible. View your system performance anytime using your web connected devices.

Ironridge racking system with rounded module attachments, black rails with contoured design so that your system adds to the look of your roof. Don’t settle for standard unfinished silver rails with clunky attachments. It’s not worth the few dollars you’ll save (and it is only a very few dollars!)

SolaDeck flashed roof penetration box for transitioning wiring from the rooftop to your attic. We like to hide this small 1′ square box under the modules so it is further protected & invisible from the ground.

How much roof space is needed?

Approximate Array Dimensions:
Typical: 2 rows of 8 panels = 8m wide x 3.5m tall (approx 27’x12′ footprint)

What other equipment is needed?
  • Select a roof flashing kit for your specific roof type – we recommend Quick Mount products for the highest level of roof integrity. We have attachments for any roof type.
  • Home run power cable to run power off the roof to your inverter (grid connection).
  • AC disconnect switch, dedicated 240V breaker, & other wiring needed to finish the connection to your main service panel (or sub panel).
Who does the installation?
  • Your favourite roofer can usually do the roof work within 1-2 days. Flashings & roof penetrations are part of their normal work, and solar is a simple task for their skill set.
  • Your favourite electrician can do the final electrical connection in a couple of hours, and see to any permits & inspections.
  • We are here to give them the design & installation instructions, advice, and direction they need to get the job done quickly & professionally.
  • You can even do it yourself in many cases!
Want to know more?

Send us an email. Ask us questions.
We’ll take a look at your site and let you know what this package will be able to do for you. In most cases, with modern satellite imagery & localized weather data, an on-site visit is often not necessary for preliminary estimates.

When you decide to go ahead with the purchase of a system, we will schedule a delivery & installation date, and assist with the coordination of the permit process.

Did You Know?

Many realtors find that homes with solar panels installed get more attention, and fetch up to $15,000 more during a sale than other homes. Consider that when evaluating the costs of a bathroom renovation or new kitchen counter tops!


When’s the best time to install solar?

Work on a roof is easiest from late spring through early fall. Certainly want to avoid excessive rain or snow!

If you want to participate in a net metering program, our suggestion is to book your solar installation for early spring so that your system amasses credits with your utility (ie BC Hydro) through the sunny summer months that then offset your power consumption through the winter months.

Do I need to re-roof my house first?

If your roof is more than 10 years old, you might want to consider it.
However, the solar can easily be removed during a roofing project and re-installed afterwards. All the electrical work has been done. Only the mounting rails & panels need to be addressed.

Can I expand, or add energy back-up later?

Yes! These systems are modular, so you can add to your system in the future. You can also add energy back-up battery systems to provide your home with energy during blackouts, or reduce your energy purchases during peak utility billing periods.

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