MyGrid Eco2 : Solar Design Package

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The MyGrid Eco2 is a functional, practical design package when the need to reduce system costs outweigh aesthetics. Order this design package when you want the most affordable solar power system available.

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The MyGrid Eco2 is a functional, practical design package when the need to reduce system costs outweigh aesthetics. Order this design package when you want the most affordable solar power system available. While cost-effective, this design philosophy does not compromise on reliability. The components in the MyGrid Eco2 are based on their cost leadership without sacrificing quality or warranty. The result is the maximum power yield for the smallest budget.
It’s all geared towards making solar even more affordable. An ideal addition to garages, workshops, farm buildings, and other structures.

This design package provides the core design definition for your solar power system.
After consulting with you about your project by phone, we run a site assessment using satellite modelling and local weather data. We then provide you with a design & performance report, equipment specification, and full estimate. You can rest assured that your system will be engineered to the highest standard, while minimizing your cost.

The fee for this system design package is applied to your account as a credit. The credit is then applied to any equipment purchase you make with Modern Outpost.

MyGrid Eco2 Design Elements

Solar Module Selectionlongi LR6-72HPH-385M 385w solar module
We have several dozen models to choose from at any time, and will focus on the best value-priced options from leading manufacturers. The ultimate choice will depend on your available roof space and geometry which dictates the module’s size & optimum coverage. A performance warranty of 25 years is always built-in.

Inverter Selectionapsystems yc600 inverter
We have many brands of both string and micro inverters to choose from. The geometry & layout of your home, features of the surrounding environment, plus desirable inverter performance features will all go into the model we will present as your best option.

Mounting & Attachment Selectionironridge xr100 solar rail clear anodized
There are more solar mounting options than you can shake a rail at. Roof mount rails with attachments for metal, shingle, shake, tile, or membrane are all available. Pole mounts, or A-frame ground mounts are great options when ease of installation & maintenance are crucial.

Batteries May Be IncludedAMPower-AG4606 415ah 6v agm battery
Direct grid-tied systems don’t need batteries, but they can be included if back-up power is desired.
Of course, off-grid properties use battery systems to store and manage the energy produced by the solar array.
Lead-acid battery models may have the lowest price tag, but advanced lithium provides the best economics over the life of the batteries. If storage is needed, we will scour our extensive list of manufacturers to find you the most economical options.

Freight To Your Home Is Included

It’s just easier to organize, and for you to budget.

What’s Not Included…

Service Panel Connection
In order to make your project commissioning process a breeze, we always recommend the services of a licensed electrician. While solar is a straightforward project for any DIY’er, having an electrician on your team will make the permitting, code compliance, and inspection process go smoothly.

Everyone knows a carpenter, brother-in-law, or roofer who would be ecstatic at the idea of installing solar. You can even do it yourself if you are handy with basic carpentry, electrical, and all the associated safety procedures.
However you decide to install your system, we are here to provide support. Array layouts & roofing plans, assistance with your utility net metering applications, or product technical support.
Most systems in the 2-5KW range can be installed in 2-3 days.

We look forward to working with you!


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