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OffGrid 10W Solar Charger Backpack by Voltaic

Price: CAD $279.00

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Product Summary

The Off-Grid solar backpack... versatility, now with even more power. 10W of solar, and 44WHrs of pass-through solar storage, means your USB devices never go hungry for electrons.
MSRP : $259

Product Description

The Voltaic OffGrid 10W Solar Backpack. An incredibly versatile solar charger. Because you might not always need a full size backpack. Makes a fantastic backpack for high school & college students who need versatility plus power.

The OffGrid 10W Solar Backpack will provide power to your smartphone, tablet, and other USB devices. Premium backpack features include: padded laptop sleeve, dual side pockets, and specially lined sunglasses slot.

Besides charging all your handheld electronics via universal USB port, it has 25L of storage space, a padded laptop sleeve, integrated phone pouch and plenty of other pockets.

Yes, the Voltaic power system is universal & Apple-friendly. This means is supports all iPods, iPhones, iPads, plus all android devices. Being universal means that the system will also handle any other USB device you might have.

Off-Grid Backpack 10W Features...

Size and Weight

Solar Panels

V44 USB Battery

Product Attributes

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