PowerFilm USB AA Solar Charger

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PowerFilm has taken their ultra lightweight solar chargers one step further with the PowerFilm USB+AA solar charger. With this one small pocket panel, you have a USB charging option and an AA battery charger.

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The PowerFilm USB AA charger is a highly effective solar charger using the most sensitive solar cells on the market – Powerfilm’s amorphous thin film. This USB charger is unique in that its on-board power storage is two premium low-self-discharge NiMh AA’s. This means that you have a replaceable storage, plus the ability to use the AA’s in any of your radios or flashlights. The on-board storage also drives the USB port, so you can charge any other USB devices too.

The smallest, lightest AA charger

The Powerfilm USB AA solar charger is small & light. It packs more charging power than any of the flimsy, plastic shell solar chargers you’ll find in the box stores. This kit provides 1.44 Watts peak output, enough to charge a set of two high-capacity AA batteries in one day. Compare this to the less than 0.5 Watt output of the small AA/AAA solar chargers which would take up to 3 days to charge the same high capacity batteries.

Charging cameras & other lithium batteries

The USB+AA panel is able to charge 3.6V & 3.7V camera batteries when you use a universal USB camera battery charger like the Ansmann PL Vario. Sometimes small cameras will charge via their USB data cables, but you will need to check with the manufacturer. Other batteries (phones, GPS, iPods, etc) can be charged this way too, but it is far more convenient to simply use your USB sync cable for these devices. Simply plug them into the USB port on the panel anytime to charge them up!

How does it work?

The USB+AA solar charger comes with two high-capacity, new generation NiMh AA rechargeable batteries which the panel uses to store power. Open the panel & leave out in the sun during the day. The longer the better. Plug your smart phone, iPod, GPS, or other small USB device into the USB port anytime, day or night, for power. The charging speed will be exactly like plugging into your computer’s USB port.

Real-Life Performance…

The Powerfilm USB AA panel provides 1.44 Watts in full sun, which means approximately 4-5 WHrs of power stored in the on-board batteries during a typical summer day. This is after allowing for less-than-optimal daylight exposure as is typically the case in portable applications. This is matched by the power storage in the two AA rechargeable batteries provided with the panel. Better & more efficient AA’s are available (see the accessories tab on this page).

What does 4 WHrs (Watt-Hours) mean? This is approx 65% of a typical iPhone or smart phone battery capacity. So if you drain your iPhone or other USB device by approx 50% per day, this panel will keep you fully charged. If you run your phone down completely every day, this panel will give you a 50% extension from sunlight, and a full charge from the on-board batteries.

Plug your phone or USB device anytime to top it off, but don’t leave it connected as this will continue to drain the USB+AA storage cells unnecessarily.

What’s included…

The PowerFilm USB AA panel comes with two premium Eneloop batteries. These batteries feature advanced NiMh chamistry & internal structure to provide the best reliability & storage capability of any NiMh rechargeable. Of course the PowerFilm panel will charge any of your NiMh rechargeables.

PowerFilm solar modules are MADE IN THE USA, and are particularly good in partial shade & low-light conditions. Ideal for applications where you may not be able to have the panel exposed directly to sunlight all the time (ie strapped to your pack).

Take one on your next camping or hiking trip to keep your camera or GPS batteries charged.

Powerfilm USB+AA Specifications…

Solar Performance:
1.44 Watts
400mA @ 3.6V

USB Output :
5V regulated
1000mA max

Power Storage:
Approx 5 WHrs

Charges NiMh AA:
2 : 4 hours full sun
(est 1-day for mobile applications to charge 2 high-capacity batteries)

Charging & completed indicator lights

5.5 x 3.25 x 1.38″
14 x 8.9 x 3cm

24 x 5.5″
61 x 14cm

4.9oz / 139g
(without batteries)

1 year warranty
Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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