Quick Solar Power Home Assessment

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Want to know what solar can do for you? Order your solar power home assessment. We’ll check the solar charts & weather data, & run the numbers so you have a good idea as to what’s possible. We’ll also suggest the best options for getting started with solar.
Spring is coming… book your assessment now!

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Product Description

Want to know what solar can do for you?
A quick solar power home assessment is the way to find out.

Order your Quick Solar Power Site Assessment

We don’t need to come to your home or construction site… we use satellite imagery to assess your available solar array spaces. We’ll check the solar charts & weather data for your location, check all the angles, & run the numbers through the simulators so you have a good idea as to what’s possible from a solar PV installation.

We’ll also suggest the best options for getting started with solar given your design, goals, and budget.

What You Will Receive…
  • Written PDF report outlining solar performance & your various siting options
  • Optional: ROI/Cash Flow Projection based on your consumption numbers (we can use your utility bills, or typical numbers if unavailable)
How fast?

We can usually get back to you within 48 hours.

The Next Steps…

Once you have your assessment, you will be able to make a wise decision about purchasing a solar electric system for your home with confidence.
You will see how long it will take to recover your investment in renewable energy. Specifics vary from site to site, but here are some basics to consider (see our information package for more info (see our Solar Power Information Package for Homeowners for more details)…

Payback Is A Reality
Unlike that kitchen reno, residential solar power systems actually pay you back.
Depending on utility rates & your power consumption patterns, your utility bill savings recover your initial investment within 12-18 years typically. PLUS, your solar investment is also a marketable asset! Real estate studies have shown that initial solar investments are almost entirely recovered when it comes time to sell your property.
Can you imagine a more stable investment than energy in today’s climate?

More Valuable Each Year
This is not a depreciating asset. The solar modules on your roof get more valuable each year as both inflation & utility rates rise. More and more dollars come off your bill every year your system is in service.

Immediate Home Market Value Increase
As mentioned above, most home selling prices increase by the value of the solar power system. This isn’t your tax assessment, this is an increase in your home’s marketability.

Warranty & Performance Lifetimes
Performance warranties on the solar modules themselves are 25 years, with an expected life of over 40 years. Most of the other primary system components have warranties of at least 10 years, so confidence is high that your system will quietly do its thing trouble-free for years to come.


Get Started Now

Request your site assessment now, so you have the information you need to plan your future in solar power.

The best time for grid-tied installations is spring if you are wanting to participate in Net Metering programs offered by your utility.

If I Like What I See, Who Does The Installation?

Modern Outpost designs solar power systems, and supplies all the key components. We have access to just about every piece of equipment available on the market, and choose the best options for your particular needs & goals. Unlike most installers who promote a single package, we can create the system that best meets your needs and expectations. We shop the world, and deliver to your door (free shipping by the way).

The very basics for cost-effective ground-mount systems, off-grid cabins, & farm buildings

Aesthetic packages with attractive rooftop components & simplified single-point utility connection for family homes

Super-Aesthetic packages using invisible rooftop racking & all-glass solar modules for homeowners that want to make an architectural statement alongside a self-sufficient one

While we don’t install systems ourselves, we work with homeowners and their contractors & sub-trades to get the job done quickly & professionally. Roofers and experienced contractors handle the rooftop installation as easily as installing vents & flashings. Electricians pull the wire & make the necessary connections to the utility (or battery systems in the case of off-grid).
Most typical 12-20 module systems can be installed in 2-3 days.
Many homeowners choose the DIY route.


Located on Vancouver Island?

If you’d like to get a complete on-site evaluation for a project email our office today to book an appointment

Our on-site evaluations include…

  • Shading analysis
  • Complete system design & estimate
  • Potential integration with other energy systems
  • Investment return projection


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