SunLINQ 12

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Max Power: 12 Watts max, 700mA
A great panel if you are wanting to charge dSLRs while hiking. It easily offsets camera batteries, along with other devices, and can even keep up with a little iPad, netboo, or laptop use.

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The SunLINQ 12 is a flexible, foldable solar power solution for people on the go. Unfold the tough, flexible, weatherproof, cordura nylon panel & plug your small electronics or battery charger into the CLA socket. Efficient CIGS solar cells maximize power while minimizing size & weight.

SunLINQs come with a 12V DC socket, 12V DC plug, barrel connector for connecting directly to 12V appliances, & an extension cable.

Included in the box…

15″ DC socket cable
15″ DC plug cable
4″ Barrel plug cable (5mm),
18″ battery clamp cable
8′ extension cable

Who’s buying…

The SunLINQ line of folding solar panels is very popular with outdoor researchers who are looking for a very compact, yet powerful solar option to help power laptop computers and other research equipment miles from an outlet. The SunLINQ modules are also popular with hunters, hikers, boaters, photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need to keep batteries and electronics operating far from home.


Power Output:
11 watt (12W peak)
700mA @ 16.5V

Solar Panel Type: CIGS

9″ x 5″ x 0.7″
22.9 x 12.7 x 1.8cm

29.5″ x 18″ x 0.03″
74.9 x 45.7 x 0.7cm

14oz (400g)

SunLINQ 12 Crib Sheet…

Phones, PDAs, & Smart Phones:
SunLINQ 12 supports any phone via the phone’s 12V car adaptor. This includes smart phones like Blackberries. For phones that charge from USB, you may want to consider using a 12V USB adaptor.

iPods & mp3 Players:
Connect your iPod or other mp3 player to the SunLINQ 12 via a 12V USB adaptor.

Digital Cameras:
Most cameras will not charge from a 12V source, so to charge a digital camera, you will need to connect the SunLINQ 12 to a solar storage battery that offers a connection to a camera charger for your camera model. Pairing the SunLINQ 12 with the Solio Mono is a great choice for this purpose.

The SunLINQ 12 can power many GPS units that offer 12V car adaptors. GPS units that use USB will need a 12V USB adaptor to convert the panel to USB output.

AA/AAA Battery Charging:
We’ve tried the SunLINQ 12 with DC-input & USB battery chargers, and can recommend the Mini 12V Charger and the C401 Charger. Larger models require more than the maximum power output of the SunLINQ 12, so to use them, you will need a solar storage battery to provide the necessary output.

Other Devices:
The SunLINQ 12 is not able to power laptop computers directly, but can provide up to 1 hour a day in typical mobile applications through the use of a solar storage battery that provides the necessary output power.

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