SunLINQ USB Mini Solar Charger

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The SunLINQ USB Mini is great for lightweight trekking when USB charging is needed. This small personal solar charger is designed to charge a cell phone or an iPod in one summer day. Or use it to keep your GPS & headlamp batteries topped-up.
YES: iPod/iPhone compatible USB.

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The SunLINQ USB Mini is a CIGS thin film solar panel, providing 2 Watts in full sun. This means  25-80% daily battery boost for a typical smart phone. Also great for e-Readers, tablets, GPS receivers, small digital cameras, and more. Simply plug your USB device into the panel using your device’s USB sync cable, and you’ll be charging.

Combine the SunLINQ USB Mini solar panel with a small USB battery pack to help you manage the power you generate. This will allow your device to charge at full speed any time, not just at the panel’s output when the sun is shining. Works great with USB AA battery chargers  and USB-based camera battery chargers.

The SunLINQ USB Mini is small, light, and easy to attach to backpacks, tents, etc. The SunLINQ USB Mini solar panel is also extremely easy to use… just plug into it via the built-in USB port socket. Just like on your computer.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having silent, green power working for you while you enjoy your outdoor activities.

Charging cameras & other lithium batteries

The SunLINQ USB Mini panel is able to charge 3.6V & 3.7V camera batteries when you use a universal USB camera battery charger (click here). Sometimes small cameras will charge via their USB data cables, but you will need to check with the manufacturer. Other batteries (phones, GPS, iPods, etc) can be charged this way too, but it is far more convenient to simply use your USB sync cable for these devices. Simply plug them into the USB port on the panel anytime to charge them up!

How does it work?

Open the panel & lay it out in the sun. Plug your smart phone, iPod, GPS, or other small USB device into the USB port for power. Exactly like plugging into your computer’s USB port. Note that the charging rate will depend on the strength of the sun, and some smart phones & iPhones are fussy when it comes to low-power USB ports. So, in the case of fussy devices that want 500mA or even the full 1000mA USB power, use a USB solar storage battery to collect the power from the panel & deliver what your device is asking for, day or night!

Real-Life Performance…

This little panel uses very efficient thin film solar technology, and so is great for Canadian & North American locations. At 2 Watts peak, you will see 5-6 Watt-Hours of power per summer day from this panel, which equates to approx a complete iPhone/smartphone battery charge.

How do you use this power? You can plug USB devices directly to the panel, but some “smart” devices like phones might complain that there is not enough power to make them happy. In such cases, you are advised to connect the panel to a USB storage battery, which can in turn drive your USB devices & phones at the level they want, without being at the mercy of the sun from moment to moment.


Power Output: 5V @ 400mA  (max 2 Watts)
Solar Panel Type: CIGS thin film
Dimensions (folded): 12.7 x 22.9cm (5 x 9″)
(open): 22.9 x 38.1cm (9 x 15″)
Weight: 113g / 4oz

1 year warranty


SunLINQ USB Mini Crib Sheet…

Phones, PDAs, & Smart Phones:
SunLINQ USB Mini supports any phone that offers a USB connection option. This includes smart phones (iPhone & Android). To charge older model phones, you will need to add a solar storage battery that offers the connection tip you need for your phone.

iPods & mp3 Players:
Connect your iPod or other mp3 player to the SunLINQ USB Mini using the SunLINQ USB Mini’s USB port.

Digital Cameras:
Most small cameras will charge from USB. Most large dSLRs will not since they features a 7.2V-7.4V battery. For these, we recommend one of our universal USB camera battery chargers.

The SunLINQ USB Mini can power many GPS units via its USB port.

AA/AAA Battery Charging:
Pair this panel with the Voltaic USB-AA/AAA charger, or use one of the universal USB battery pack chargers that handles AA & AAA batteries too, like the Ansmann PL Vario.

Other Devices:
The SunLINQ USB Mini is not able to power laptop computers.

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