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Max Power: 4 Watts, 800mA @ 5V
Many of the small personal solar chargers are underpowered. They are designed to charge a cell phone or an iPod Nano in one day, but not much more. Enter the SunLINQ USB Plus.
YES: iPod/iPhone compatible USB.

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If you have a Solio, Power Monkey, ePower, or other small USB solar charger, and it is not generating enough power for your Kindles, Blackberries, iPod Touch, iPhone, GPS receivers, small digital cameras, and more. You could use the SunLINQ USB Plus.

Combine the SunLINQ USB Plus solar panel with a small USB battery pack to help you manage the power you generate.

The SunLINQ USB Plus is small, light, and easy to attach to backpacks, tents, etc. The SunLINQ USB Plus solar panel is also extremely easy to use… just plug into it via the built-in USB port socket. Just like on your computer.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having silent, green power working for you while you enjoy your outdoor activities.


For a limited time, with the purchase of a SunLINQ USB solar panel, you will receive a USB Micro Universal battery charger FREE. This tiny charger is ideal for charging your small 3.6v/3.7v camera batteries & cell phone batteries directly from a USB-enabled solar panel like this one, a solar battery pack, or even your laptop.


Power Output:
5V @ 800mA
(max 4 Watts)

Solar Panel Type:


5 x 9

12.7 x 22.9cm
9 x 25″
22.9 x 63.5cm

6.3oz / 179g

1 year warranty

SunLINQ USB Plus Crib Sheet…

Phones, PDAs, & Smart Phones:
The SunLINQ USB Plus supports any phone that offers a USB connection option. This includes smart phones like Blackberries. To charge other phones, you will need to add a solar storage battery that offers the connection tip you need for your phone.

iPods & mp3 Players:
Connect your iPod or other mp3 player to the SunLINQ USB Plus using the SunLINQ USB Plus’s USB port.

Digital Cameras:
Most cameras will not charge from a USB source, so to charge a digital camera, you will need to connect the SunLINQ USB Plus to a solar storage battery that offers a connection to a camera charger for your camera model. Pairing the SunLINQ USB Plus with the Solio Mono is a great choice for this purpose.

The SunLINQ USB Plus can power many GPS units via its USB port.

AA/AAA Battery Charging:
We’ve tried the SunLINQ USB Plus with 12V DC-input & USB battery chargers, and can testify that the panel works fine in these applications. Some models require more than the maximum power output of the SunLINQ USB Mini unfortunately, so be sure to stick to the most basic models that use the least amount of power. As a general rule, if the charger is labelled a “fast charger”, or anything faster than a 90 minute charger, then it will likely NOT work with this panel.

Other Devices:
The SunLINQ USB Plus is not able to power laptop computers.

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