Off-Grid Home 1500

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An off-grid system designed for a year-round residence, or a large summer home. Top-rated Hanwha solar panels, Fast-Rack mounting system, MPPT charge controller with metering, and a 4,400 pure sinewave inverter on a pre-wired, code compliant E-Panel.

Includes FREE shipping to any Canadian address.

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Product Description

The Advanced Home Solar system. The place to start if you are wanting to solar power your summer home, or small residence.

Includes FREE shipping to any Canadian address.

A popular solar power system for off-grid cottages and a great starter system for remote homes in Canada. The Advanced Home Solar 750 is a complete solar system, including a Magnum Sine Wave Inverter to feed clean 120VAC power into your electrical panel. This inverter is powerful enough to run lights, pumps, power tools and with clean power for computers, TV and sensitive electronics. The inverter is supplied in a full E-Panel Installation package, prewired and ready to be mounted on the wall of your electrical room. Fully code compliant.

The Advanced Home Solar 750 includes a 750W solar array, using quality Hanwha Solar 250W modules. With the strongest warranty and the highest quality of any solar panel in Canada, this solar array will produce from 1 to 2 kWh per day, depending on weather conditions. This is usually enough power for the typical electrical loads found in an off-grid cottage. The system may be expanded by adding more solar modules. A 60A MPPT charge controller is pre-wired right on the inverter E-Panel, so set-up & connections are easy and safe.

The Advanced Home Solar 750 system comes with a Fast-Rack adjustable roof mount for the solar panels. Top-of-Pole or Ground Mount if your cottage roof is not the ideal place for solar.

We recommend a battery bank in the 10-15 kWHr range for this Advanced Home Solar System, and can supply Surette & Trojan Battery solutions. See our battery page for more details.

Building your system

Everyone’s power needs are different, so perhaps the system outlined on this page is not a perfect fit.

So, we will take the time to discuss your situation, analyze your installation site, do the calculations, and provide an itemized profile of the equipment that will meet your needs.

Additional Information

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