Voltaic USB Flexlight

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It’s a reading light, a tent light, table lantern, and flashlight. Plug it into any USB battery pack, and you have it all. Very bright white & evenly dispersed light. No strange pale blue or green light like other flex lights.

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The USB Flexlight converts any USB battery pack into a bright light. It’s bendable neck allows you to point the light wherever you need it most. If you want to catch up on your reading on your next backpacking trip, better bring this along.

How bright is it? 150 Lumens. This is plenty bright to work under, read under, or even provide emergency room lighting. Far brighter than other flexible USB lamps, and a colour that is easy on the eyes… none of that pale blue or green… these premium LEDs produce a 5,000K light in the daylight range.

Universal USB Compatibility: Runs up to 10 hours from a 14Watt-Hour (4,000mAHr) battery pack like the Voltaic V15 or Enerplex Jumpr Prime 4400 batteries. Be sure to check-out all the other USB battery packs we carry for personal alternative energy applications.

FlexLight Specifications…

Light Output : 150 lumens

Weight : Only 28g (1oz), 10.5 x 0.5 inches.

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