Zipcord Flashlight MS508

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When it comes to dynamo self-powered flashlights, the 5-LED Zipcord flashlight is something special. Full-size & built tough to take the bumps & drops of everyday life, plus a unique pulling dynamo charger & output charger cradle.

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Product Description

Why a Zipcord?
Simple. By winding the dynamo using a pullstring instead of a crank handle, it is possible to make the dynamo spin faster, with less effort.

This flashlight is not flimsy in any way. It is features rock solid construction with a rubberized finish that ensures a good grip. The LED elements will last over 100,000 hours, and never need to be replaced. We’ve not even been able to break the zipcord on our demo model after months of use, the mechanism is built very well.

Internal to the flashlight is a replaceable NiMh battery pack that is charged from the dynamo. The pullstring dynamo can also provide power to other devices via the 6V outlet jack on the heel of the flashlight. This same jack can also be used to charge the flashlight from an 6VDC AC wall adaptor (not included).


1 minute pull =
10 minutes of light

Internal Battery:
3.6V, 600mAHr

300mA @ 4.8-5V DC

Kit Includes:
Flashlight, Nokia cable, universal 3.7v battery charger, lanyard strap

7.25 x 4.5 x 1.25″
23 x 4cm/6cm
15oz / 440g

Universal Charger included
The 5-LED pullstring dynamo flashlight package comes with a unique universal charger for cell phone batteries and any other small electronics battery packs that require 5-6V to charge (ie 3.6v & 37v battery packs). The Universal Charger clamps to your battery pack with universal contact pins that adapt to the contacts on virtually any battery pack. Click the polarity protection button to the correct position (it tells you how), and start pulling the handle to charge your battery. Don’t worry, it is a very safe charger for your battery, and besides, it is really just for getting you a fast charge tht can power your phone or camera for a short while.An LED indicator lets you know you are charging. An innovative alternative to proprietary adaptor tips & chargers.

Who’s buying?…

The 5-LED pullstring flashlight is ideal for general household use, and especially comes in handy during emergencies & blackouts.

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