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promariner logoWe are your ProMariner retailer in Canada. With the broadest range of on-board charging products in the industry, ProMariner offers cost-effective and performance solutions for all boats whether its open water cruising, sailing, salt water sport fishing, or recreational boating.

Waterproof On-Board Marine Battery Chargers
Designed for long-lasting performance, ProMariner marine battery chargers deliver fast charge times and proven battery conditioning while eliminating the need to haul portable chargers onto your watercraft and offering protection from the elements.
If your application is for 4D or 8D large capacity batteries please view the ProNauticP chargers

ProMar1 Series
Solid state and fully automatic technology that eliminates the need to use portable battery chargers
31405 : ProMar1 5A, 12V, 1 Bank
31410 : ProMar1 10A, 12V, 2 Bank
31413 : ProMar1 13A, 12V, 3 Bank
ProSport Series
Microprocessor controlled pulse charging technology provides 40% lighter design
43006 : ProSport 6 : 6A, 12V, 1 Bank
43008 : ProSport 8 : 8A, 12/24V, 2 Bank
43012 : ProSport 12 : 12A, 12/24V, 2 Bank
43020 : ProSport 20 : 20A, 12/24V, 2 Bank
43021 : ProSport 20 Plus : 20A, 12/24/36V, 3 Bank
ProNautic P Dry Mount Marine Battery Chargers
63110 ProNautic 1210P : 10A, 12V, 2 Bank
63115 ProNautic 1215P : 15A, 12V, 3 Bank
63120 ProNautic 1220P : 20A, 12V, 3 Bank
63130 ProNautic 1230P : 30A, 12V, 3 Bank
63140 ProNautic 1240P : 40A, 12V, 3 Bank
63150 ProNautic 1250P : 50A, 12V, 3 Bank
63160 ProNautic 1260P : 60A, 12V, 3 Bank
63180 ProNautic 2430P : 30A, 24V, 3 Bank
63100 ProNautic Digital Display & Remote Panel
TruPower Combi Inverter/Chargers

02012 TruePower Combi 2000 PS : 2000W Pure Sine, 12V, 70A Charger, 30A Transfer
02024 TruePower Combi 2000 PS : 2000W Pure Sine, 24V, 35A Charger, 30A Transfer

01012 TruePower Combi 1000QS : 1000W Modified Sine, 12V, 40A Charger, 30A Transfer
01512 TruePower Combi 1500QS : 1500W Modified Sine, 12V, 40A Charger, 30A Transfer
01524 TruePower Combi 1500QS : 1500W Modified Sine, 24V, 20A Charger, 30A Transfer
02412 TruePower Combi 2500QS : 2500W Modified Sine, 12V, 50A Charger, 30A Transfer
02424 TruePower Combi 2500QS : 2500W Modified Sine, 24V, 25A Charger, 30A Transfer

We also have Pro IsoCharge Charge Isolators, & Battery Maintainers.

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