Quick Mount PV Canada

quick mount pvWanting the very best anchoring system for mounting your solar array to your roof? Look no further than Quick Mount. All Quick Mount PV products are approved by leading roofing manufacturers, meet or exceed roofing best practices, and are 100% compliant with the international building code. All of their leading QBlock, QBase, & QHook products carry an industry-best 25-year limited product warranty. When they say “Respect The Roof”, they mean it.

Modern Outpost is your Quick Mount PV store in Canada. We carry the complete line of Quick Mount PV products.

Quick Mount works with all rail systems. Simply use the L-feet & rails that meets your needs, while trusting that you have the very best in roof penetration & sealing available for your array under those rails.

Quick Mount PV is also the company behind Quick Rack – the efficient, reliable, and economical rail-free mounting system. Not interested in trekking 10-foot mounting rails out to your remote home or cabin? Want a simple system with fewer parts, yet compatible with all solar modules? Want to ensure that your roof receives the best possible care? Quick Rack may be right for you. See below.

Quick Mount for Composition & Asphalt Shingle Roofs…
  • Classic Comp Series – Mil or Bronze : The 12×12″ flashing attachment with elevated water seal for composite asphalt shingle roofs. The top solar attachment choice for Canada!
  • E-Mount Series : The economical 9×12″ elevated water seal.
  • L-Mount Series : The sleek 9×12″ low profile elevated water seal.
  • QBase Comp
  • Classic Conduit
  • Conduit Penetration Flashing : Passing conduit into the attic or through soffits
  • Q-Box : Flashed Junction Box & Roof Penetration
Quick Mount for Shake & Slate Roofs…
Quick Mount for Tile Roofs…
  • Quick Hook SS/LS
  • Quick Hook SB/LB
  • QBase Universal Tile
  • QBase Standard
  • Specialty Flat Tile
  • Tile Conduit Penetration Flashing
Mounting for Low-Slope Roofs…
  • QBase Low Slope
Quick Rack…

Patented Rail-Free Mounting System with simple, easy-to-ship components.

  • Base Mount
  • 8″ Panel Clamp
  • 2″ Panel Clamp
  • Array Skirt
  • Grounding Lug

Get in touch with us today if there is a Quick Mount PV product not featured on this page, or if you would like additional information & help in designing your solar installation.