REC Solar Canada

rec group solar canadaModern Outpost is pleased to offer a selection of REC Solar PV modules here in Canada.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021, REC is a leading European brand of solar panels.
Through integrated manufacturing from silicon wafers, cells, panels and turnkey solar solutions, REC strives to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. Founded in 1996, REC is a Bluestar Elkem company with headquarters in Norway and operational headquarters in Singapore.

REC Alpha Series

The REC Alpha Pure Series offers next-level power and greater environmental impact with an innovative gapless cell layout which uses the entire panel surface to generate power. This hybrid design offers highly impressive power density of 20.3 watts/ft², with panel power reaching 430W. It is also a highly environmentally-friendly panel by being lead-free (RoHS compliant) and the REC energy-efficient manufacturing processes minimizes the carbon footprint. The Alpha Pure is built around 132 half-cut N-Type heterojunction cells (HJT) and advanced connection technology, designed by engineering experts from Germany and Singapore. With HJT, REC combines the benefits of crystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for much higher efficiency and energy yield, even at higher temperatures. In addition, there are no busbars which provide a nearly seamless appearance making them perfect for every project.

REC410AA Pure-R : 410W Alpha Pure R Series, All-Black, N-Type, 4-Section

REC400AA : 400W Alpha Pure All-Black, 132 Split-Cell, N-Type
REC390AA : 400W Alpha Pure All-Black, 132 Split-Cell, N-Type
REC370AA : 370W Alpha Pure All-Black, 120 Split Cell, N-Type

REC400NP3 : 400W N-Peak 3 Series, All-Black, Split-Cell, N-Type
REC365NP2 : 365W N-Peak 2 Series, All-Black, Split-Cell, N-Type

REC355TP4 : 355W Twin Peak 4 Series, All-Black, Split-Cell – Great Price!
REC360TP4 : 360W Twin Peak 4 Series, All-Black, Split-Cell – Great Price!
REC365TP4 : 365W Twin Peak 4 Series, All-Black, Split-Cell

If you have a marine or RV/Van project, and only have room for 1 or 2 modules, then REC should be top of your list. Maximum power per square foot. Plus, the additional framing across the back of these modules, provides superior strength when subjected to the ongoing stresses of vibration & wind loading.

REC also boasts the smallest temperature coefficient (lowest loss of power as the temperature rises), and the best warranty in the business. Their 20-year product warranty, and 25-year power output warranty exceeds all others, promising 92% of original nameplate performance after 25 years. Compare this with 84% quoted by most other brands, and you know why REC holds the premium position in the industry.

Why Choose REC?

You’ve decided to go solar and need panels or solutions for your installation. REC’s combination of product quality, company reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal brand for your solar investment.

REC has consistently placed in the TOP-5 of global solar manufacturers in terms of their ethics & sustainability practices.
See the SOLAR SCORECARD published by the Silicon Valley Toxics Caolition (

REC is also a perennial “Top Performer” in PV Evolution Labs accelerated life testing reports (

See the REC Group website for complete details of their company vision, and action.


Get in touch with us today if there is a specific REC Group Solar product you are interested in, or if you would like additional information & help in designing your solar installation.

REC’s signature TwinPeak Series
solar panels feature an innovative design with high panel efficiency and power output, enabling customers to get the most out of the space used for the installation.
Panels from the REC TwinPeak family have a unique “twin” design, which features half-cut cells in a split “top-bottom” module design. This enables them to generate electricity even when they are partially shaded. Over time, you get a higher yield from your installation.

REC N-PEAK Solar Modules : 60 Cell Mono

(120 half-cells = 60 Cell Compatible output)

REC320NP, N-Peak 320W N-Type PV Module
Monocrystalline with Black Frame, MC4-Type connector

REC TP2 Solar Modules : 60 Cell

(120 half-cells = 60 Cell Compatible output)

REC280TP, 280W PV Module
Polycrystalline with Black Frame, MC4-Type connector
REC290TP, 290W PV Module
Polycrystalline with Black Frame, MC4-Type connector

REC TP2S Solar Modules : 72 Cell

(144 half-cells = 72 Cell Compatible output)

REC350TP2S-72, 350W PV Module
Polycrystalline with Clear frame, MC4-Type connector

REC355TP2S-72, 355W PV Module
Polycrystalline with Clear frame, MC4-Type connector

REC330TP2S-72 XV, 330W BiFacial PV Module
Polycrystalline with Clear frame, MC4-Type connector