REFUsol Canada

REFUsol, a business unit of REFU Elektronik GmbH, develops and sells highly efficient solar inverters for decentral PV systems. REFU Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1965, and has since then set new refusol logostandards in the areas of power supply, power storage and inverter technology.

The benefits you gain when you choose REFU Elektronik GmbH 

  • Part of the PRETTL group, with independent development and production facilities.
  • Frst-class “bankability” gained from many years experience in the solar market, with more than 250,000 inverters installed.
  • REFUsol has been involved in the inverter business since 1965, and with renewable energies and solar inverters for 17 years.
  • REFUsol achieves maximum energy yields using their patented UltraEta® topology – confirmed by the PHOTON Laboratory (a service of PHOTON Publishing GmbH).
  • A wide range of software and online tools are available, free of charge (REFUlog, REFUdesign, REFUset).
  • If a unit fails, it can be replaced easily.

Modern Outpost is pleased to be able to offer the following REFUsol products to our Canadian clients…REFUsol 48K-UL


Solar Inverter 24K-UL : Scalable & reliable, for maximum yield
Solar Inverter 48K-UL : Flexibility & reliability in large PV systems


6-String DC Disconnecting Combiner
12-String DC Disconnecting Combiner
6-String DC Combiner
12-String DC Combiner

Ethernet Connector IP67
RS485 Connector Kit

Not finding the REFUsol product you were looking for?
Send us a note, and we will track it down for you.

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