Rolls Battery Canada

rolls surrette logoRolls Battery by Surrette is a Canadian deep cycle battery manufacturer that is a leader in renewable energy storage systems. Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have been chosen as the best off-grid battery for over 25 years. We are a proud to be a Rolls/Surrette Canada dealer.

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4000 Series Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries

S-290 : 6V, 290AHr
L16 : 6V, 480AHr (formerly the S-480)
L16-HC : 6V, 550AHr (formerly the S-550)
L16-SC : 6V, 605AHr (formerly the S6-605)
S-1450 : 2V, 1450 AHr

5000 Series Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries

4CS-17P : 4V, 546AHr, Dual Wall
6CS-17P : 6V, 546AHr, Dual Wall
6CS-21P : 6V, 744AHr, Dual Wall
6CS-25P : 6V, 820AHr, Dual Wall
2KS-27P : 2V, 1460 AHr, Dual Wall
2KS-33P : 2V, 1766 AHr, Dual Wall
4KS-21P : 4V, 1104AHr, Dual Wall
4KS-27P : 4V, 1460AHr, Dual Wall

Sealed AGM Batteries

S6-460AGM-RE : 6V, 415AHr AGM Battery
S12-95AGM : 12V, 85AHr AGM Battery
S12-230AGM : 12V, 210AHr AGM Battery
S12-290AGM : 12V, 260AHr AGM Battery
S2-1180AGM : 2V, 1100AHr AGM Battery
S2-1275AGM : 2V, 1150AHr AGM Battery

Marine Batteries

EHW-230 : 6V, 230AHr (Golf Cart GC2 size)
HT-8D : 12V, 221AHr, 8D Size