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S-5! is the right way to attach any solar array to metal roofs. Modern Outpost is pleased to be a Canadian source for S-5! Whether you have a standing seam metal roof, exposed-fastener metal roof, or corrugated metal roof, S-5! has a solution to fit.
This page outlines the wide variety of attachment solutions offered by S-5!, and what models we are able to source for our customers.
Don’t see the model you’re looking for? Send us a note, and we’ll source it for you.

S-5! Clamps for Standing Seam Roofing
S-5-N metal roof clamp

No penetrations. S-5! clamps, as their name suggests, will clamp to the ribbing of your roofing profile. Since there are quite a few different manufacturers of roofing, there are many different clamps available from S-5! to match. How do you know if you have a standing-seam metal roof? If there are raised metal seams running the length of your roof from eave-to-ridge and no visible screws, you have a standing seam metal roof. Standing seam metal roofs come in many different styles – and we have attachment solutions tailored to each one.
Here are links to the selections we carry…

S-5-U : Fits 85% of all standing seam profilesS-5-U-Mini : Smaller version of the U series
S-5-N (new) : Common profile
S-5-N-1.5 : Wider seam
S-5-NH-1.5 : Taller profile
S-5-N-1.5 Mini
S-5-K Grip
S-5-K Grip Mini
GX10 Insert
GX50 Insert
S-5-B (Brass)
How do you know which clamp to choose?
s5 s-5-u metal roof clamp

Which is the best clamp for your roof depends on a couple of factors. We say ‘best’ because often, more than one model will fit your profile.
1. Load Test Tables
If you know the manufacturer, profile name and material thickness, this is the easiest way to determine which clamp was designed and tested on your specific roof profile. You can simply go to the “load test tables” (create a log-in) and search alphabetically by metal roof manufacturer. You will see the load test results for that profile along with the specific clamp model(s) that we have tested on it.
2. Clamp-To-Seam Tool
If you do not know the roof manufacturer and profile that’s okay because S-5! provides you with our clamp- to-seam tool. If you are not an expert in metal roofing, this tool will help you become one. The Clamp-to-Seam Tool provides thumbnails of the most popular roofing profiles along with their dimensions and the clamps that will fit those profiles.
3. Take A Photo
Another option to identify your standing seam roof profile is to follow these steps:

  1. With your camera phone take the photo from the eave edge of the roof where the gutter would be located
  2. Include a tape measure in the photo so that we have a scale 
  3. Try to take the photo directly in line with an individual seam to provide the profile
  4. Then also measure the seam spacing and include this information with your photos

Once you have taken a photo you can share it with us and we’ll help find the best option(s).

Exposed Fastener Roofing & Corrugated Roofing

If you have common trapezoidal profile roofing with exposed screws, or wavy profile roofing, then take a look at these attachment options. All come with reliable EPDM waterproofing seals.

s5 solarfoot metal roof attachment installed

SolarFoot : Popular! Straddles minor embossed profiles

ProteaBracket – AL : Sits on top of the highest trapezoid profile, adjustable
RibBracket : Trapezoid peak
RibBracket I : Trapezoid peak
RibBracket II : Trapezoid peak
RibBracket III : Trapezoid peak

RibBracket metal roof attachment by s-5!

CorruBracket : Designed to straddle between low-points in a wave profile
CorruBracket 100T : Designed to straddle between high-points in a wave profile
CorruBracket 500T : Designed to straddle between high-points in a narrow wave profile

VersaBracket 47 : Simple Z-bracket, great for single modules, rails, & more
VersaGard : The universal metal roof L-Foot

Rail-Free Solution
PVKIT midgrab black

The PV Kit is a rail-free module support and clamping component that sits on top of the roof attachment you choose. Requires attention to mapping the array onto the roof space so that attachments can be placed as close to desired solar module cantilever points as possible. A very fast, low-cost, and minimalist way to add solar to a metal roof.

S-5-PVKIT 2.0 : Direct mount system

S-5! Hardware
s5 metal-wood roof screw

Need screws, bolts, or extra set-screws? We’ve got them!
Screws, 1.5″ : Metal-to-Wood
Screws, 2.5″ : Metal-to-Wood
Screws, 1.5″ : Metal-to-Metal
Screws, 2.5″ : Metal-to-Metal
Bracket Screws : These are 1″ screws for use with ProteaBracket, and the RibBracket(s)
Bolts : M8 flange bolt for securing an L-foot to S-5! clamps
Nuts : M8 flange bolt for securing an L-foot to S-5! clamps
Set Screws : If you need extras, or lose any


Any reputable manufacturer will offer a material and workmanship warranty.
But the S-5! warranty term has always been 25 years!
Recently, S-5! re-evaluated their warranty term: After 28+ years of producing these products, we were one of the very few companies who had actually outlived our warranty. After tens of millions of parts produced, we counted the number of these warranty claims on two hands. We learn from our mistakes and respond to errors by enacting policies and procedures to ensure ourselves (and our customers) that such a mistake could not happen again. And we are willing to go above and beyond the terms of our warranty to make it right with the customer, thanking him or her for reporting a problem that helps us become a better company.

We have always designed our products to outlast the roofs to which they are mounted; and we had proven over time and experience that they do.
We have now raised the bar and offer a LIFETIME material/workmanship warranty on all S-5! products. The warranty on our products now extends to the entire service life of the roof to which they are mounted.

See a Sample of The S-5! Warranty

Contact us with any questions regarding price quotes & availability.