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Whether you live off-grid, on grid, or have a mobile power application, SimpliPHI has an advanced energy storage battery system to meet your needs. Their off-grid battery banks are trusted world-wide in electrified communities, rural and remote areas without utility service, as well as in grid connected homes. SimpliPHI Power is now a part of the Briggs & Stratton Group!

Modern Outpost is your source for SimpliPHI battery systems in Canada. We ship SimpliPHI products across the country, and can help you solve your energy storage challenges.

For Residential Systems…
Integrate SimpliPHI battery units easily with any inverter system, including hybrid inverter systems such as Sol-Ark. PHI batteries can scale up to dozens of units to meet your storage needs. Look to the AmpliPHI model if you want closed-loop communications between the battery and the inverter.

For Tiny Homes…
As the tiny home movement gains momentum with more and more people choosing to downsize due to environmental concerns, financial factors or the desire for more freedom, the need for safe and reliable storage in a small form factor has never been greater. SimpliPHI delivers ideal, compact energy storage solutions for tiny home owners.

For Mobile Power Systems…
SimpliPHI Power offers a full range of remote and mobile power solutions for camping, festivals, sporting events, and other outdoor pursuits. Any place you’d use a generator or battery, SimpliPHI can offer a safer, more reliable power alternative.

SimpliPHI Battery Systems Available In Canada…

PHI 3.8-24-M : 3.8kWh, 24V LFP Battery Unit
PHI 3.8-48-M : 3.8kWh, 48V LFP Battery Unit
AmpliPHI-3.8-48 : 48V Lithium-Ion Battery with Comms

Battery Installation Accessories

B-3.8 : Battery Mounting Bracket

BB-2-6 : Two Battery Bus Bar Kit
BB-2-12 : Two Battery Bus Bar Kit
BB-3-6 : Three Battery Bus Bar Kit
BB-3-12 : Three Battery Bus Bar Kit

BOSS 6 : Battery Enclosure
BOSS 12 : Battery Enclosure


6kW Hybrid Inverter
4.9kWh Battery
EnergyTrak Control System

Don’t see the SimpliPHI battery product you are looking for on this page? Rest assured, we can get it.
If we don’t have the info/ordering page posted to our site yet, please send us an email, and we’d be happy to provide an estimate.

Legacy Models (no longer available)

PHI 3.8-24-60 : 3.8kWh, 24V LFP Battery Unit
PHI 3.8-48-60 : 3.8kWh, 48V LFP Battery Unit

PHI 3.5KWh LFP Battery (48V)
PHI 3.5KWh LFP Battery (24V)
Wall Mount Bracket for the PHI 3.5

PHI 2.7KWh LFP Battery (48V)
PHI 2.7KWh LFP Battery (24V)
Wall Mount Bracket for the PHI 2.7

PHI 2.7KWh LFP Battery, Low-Profile (48V)
PHI 2.7KWh LFP Battery, Low-Profile (24V)

AccESS Integrated Systems
ExprESS Mobile Integrated Systems

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