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snapnrack solar mounting solutionsSnapNrack solar mounting solutions are specifically designed to reduce installation time & cost on all roof types. Features of the system include complete hardware packages, single tool installation, no cutting or drilling, and easy levelling. Enhanced aesthetics are built into Snapnrack design without requiring additional components or hardware. We hope you find the solar mounting supplis you need on this SnapNrack Canada page.

SnapNrack Series 100 Solar Mounting Solutions…

Composite Shingle Roof Attachment Kits
Available in silver or black finish from galvanized steel or aluminum.
Includes Base, Flashing, & L-Foot.

Metal Roof Attachments
Base block, Seam clamp, Wide Seam Clamp, or Straddle Block

Tile Roof Attachments
Flat tile hooks & Universal hooks

Standoff Kits & Parts
For raising the rails, or addressing complicated levelling challenges

Tilt Kits & Parts
For adjusting the array angle vs the natural roof slope

100 Series 122″ Solar Mounting Rails
Available in anodized silver or anodized black finishes, 122″ length

100 Series 162″ Solar Mounting Rails
Available in anodized silver or anodized black finishes, 162″ length

Solar Module Attachments & Rail Accessories
Mid Clamps
End Clamps
Universal End Clamp
Rail Splice
Rail Channel Nuts
Grounding Lugs
Wire Management accessories
Junction Box with DIN rail
Module Level Power Electronics Attachments – for microinverters & optimizers
Array Edge Screen

SnapNrack Series 200 Solar Ground Mounting Solutions…

Rails & Accessories
Heavy Duty, anodized silver finish, 122″ & 162″ lengths

Structural Fitiings


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