Sol-Ark Canada

Modern Outpost is please to be a Sol-Ark Canada dealer.
The award-winning Sol-Ark 8K and Sol-Ark 12K advanced all-in-one hybrid solar inverter system is proving to be very popular with both on-grid and off-grid homes.


When you don’t want to rely on the utility, this inverter provides the flexibility to operate as a grid-tied inverter, and add battery capacity at any time in the future. Those jurisdictions without a net metering program, or one that you can’t be sure will be there in the future, fear not! Set-up the inverter to operate with battery and minimize (even to zero) the energy you purchase from the utility.

All the details can be found here…

Sol-Ark 12k hybrid solar inverter

Sol-Ark 8K : All-in-one hybrid solar inverter

Sol-Ark 12K : All-in-one hybrid solar inverter

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Sol-Ark.