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Modern Outpost is Solar Panels Canada. Your Canadian source for just about every type of solar panel and solar module on the market. From large framed panels for rooftops, to the small, packable kind for backpacks, and everything in between.

Although you will find everything on the website by navigating the top menu, we thought it might be useful to provide a summary of all the various models on a single page. Solar panels Canada at a glance. Let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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Rigid Solar Panels

200-400 Watts :
The solar modules most commonly used in residential systems.
What’s Trending…lumos LSX roof classic
LG 400W – Top 72-cell production
LG 330W – Top 60-cell production
LG 380W Bifacial – Power from all sides
REC 290TP2 – Leading Shade Tolerant Design
Solaria PowerXT 325W – Aesthetic all-black
Silfab 285W Bifacial – Canadian/US made!
Silfab 285W – Canadian/US made & great price
See: RECLG, TrinaLumos, Solaria, SilfabSolarWorldCanadian Solar, Hanwha Q-Cells, Global Solar

100-200 Watts :
Great for RVs, boats, tiny houses, pond pumps, & small cabins.
What’s Trending:
Boulder 100
Boulder 100 Briefcase
Samlex 150 Kit
Xterra 135
See: DasolXterra, Goal ZeroSamlex

Small Solar Panelsgoal zero boulder 100 solar panel

10-100 Watts : These are the classic 36-cell modules commonly used on utility projects, rural property & farms, and outbuildings. Simple & easy to work with 12V batteries.
What’s Trending:
Boulder 90W
Boulder 50W
Boulder 30W
Xterra 90W C1D2
 For hazardous environments
Dasol 60W
Dasol 10W
: Great for small projects
Schumacher 18W : Thinfilm for shade & partial sun
See: Goal Zero, Xterra, Dasolgp-FLEX-100E flex solar panel

Specialty Solar Panels

Frameless solar panels : When you want the very best aesthetics for your roof, awning, gazebo, or carport.
What’s Trending:
Lumos LSX
Lumos GSX Bifacial
SolarFlex 100E : Semi-flexible crystalline for curved surfaces & vehicle roofs
SolarFlex 30 Kit
See: Lumos : SolarFlex

Foldable & Flexible Solar Panels

100+ Watts :
Expeditions, work camps, CPAP & medical equipment, computers, and more.
What’s Trending:PowerFilm 20 Watt Folding Solar Panel
Powerfilm 120W
 : The most sensitive solar
P3 120 : The most efficient thinfilm
Goal Zero Nomad 100
Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase

Samlex MSK-135
: great for RVs & caravan camping

5-100 Watts :
Expeditions & camping
What’s Trending:
Powerfilm 60W
Powerfilm 30W

Powerfilm 10W

Voltaic Arc 20W
Goal Zero Nomad 13
Goal Zero Nomad 20

Rollable & Flexible Solar PanelsPowerFilm 28 Watt Rollable Solar Panel

5-200 Watts
When you expect to get wet, this is your solar
What’s Trending:
Powerfilm R7 : R14 : R21 : R28 :
Powerfilm R42 : R60 : Double-width
P3 21W :
P3 75W : Also available in 24V
P3 90W :
P3 200W 

USB Solar Panels & Chargers

Panel Only : Charge USB devices directly, or add a solar storage battery later
Voltaic Arc 10W :
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus
Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus

Integrated Kits : Everything you need to be off the grid on a personal levelVoltaic Fuse 6W : USB Solar Pack
Voltaic Fuse 6W : USB piggyback kit
Voltaic Fuse 9W
: USB piggyback kit
Voltaic Fuse 10W
: USB piggyback kit
Voltaic Array : USB, 12V, 19V laptop
Voltaic Generator
: Solar briefcase
Voltaic Off-Grid
: Solar USB backpack
Voltaic Converter
: Solar USB backpack
Voltaic Switch
: Solar USB satchel
Voltaic Amp
: Solar USB pack

Hobby Solar Modules & DIY

Rigid Modules : Crystalline, and therefore the most efficient
2 Watt : 6V/USB connectable
3.5 Watt : 6V/USB connectable
6 Watt
: 6V/USB connectable
9 Watt
: 6V/USB connectable
17 Watt
 : 18V for standard deep cycle batteries & V72 lithium

Flexible Modules : Amorphous, and therefore the most effective
22mA/3V : 25mA/3V : 50mA/3V : 50mA/3.6V : 22mA/4.2V : 100mA/3.6V : 50/4.8 : 100/4.8 : 50mA/6V : 100mA/6V : 100mA/7.2V : 150mA/7.2V : 50mA/15.4V : 150mA/15.4V
WeatherPro…Powerfilm Solar Cell Module : MPT6-75
100mA/7.2V : 200mA/7.2V : 50mA/15.4V : 100mA/15.4V : 200mA/15.4V

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