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solaria logoModern Outpost is Canada’s shop for Solaria PowerXT solar modules.
Solaria’s PowerXT® line of solar modules are high performance, high density solar panels that produce up to 20% more power than conventional modules. How? By a unique manufacturing process that eliminates bus bars & all the space & aging issues related to them.
Thus, our customers that choose Solaria PowerXT modules get more power production per square foot, and superior roof aesthetics.

Developed in California, Solaria’s patented cell cutting and assembly form ‘high density’ sub-strings, larger than conventional solar cells, which are packed more efficiently and reduce inactive space between cells. By utilizing a ribbon-less interconnection process, cells are cut and overlaid without soldering which creates a highly reliable power unit assembly. The PowerXT module is electrically designed to reduce the power losses due to shadowing across the module by utilizing parallel connections between sets of sub-strings within each quadrant of the module. By removing visual gaps between cells on the conventional modules, the PowerXT module provides a visually stunning appearance compared to any other solar system.

Solaria PowerXT-R solar module

the most complete cell coverage & no visible wires or bus bars

Solaria PowerXT Features
  • Higher Efficiency, Higher Power: PowerXT modules achieve higher efficiency over conventional modules, making Solaria modules one of the highest power modules available
  • Lower System Costs: Higher efficiency modules produce more power per square meter area, reducing the number of panels, balance of system components, and installation labor
  • Improved Shading Tolerance: Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, dramatically lowering the shading losses and increasing energy yield
  • Durability and Reliability: Ribbon-less, solder-free cell-to-cell connections increase reliability and are designed to exceed the 25-year warranty
Available Models…

Solaria POWERXT-325R-PX : 325W PV Module

Solaria POWERXT-330R-PX : 330W PV Module

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