Tigo Canada

Tigo’s unique TS4 platform enables a choice of plug-and-play functionality to any solar module. Tigo LogoThe TS4 platform enables different TS4 covers each with unique capabilities. This gives installers the ability to choose from:

Monitoring Monitoring
Harness the data of your solar array to ensure your system is running at peak performance.
Safety Safety
Ensure that your array is the safest possible. Meet Rapid Shutdown requirements and ensure the safety of everyone.
Optimization Optimization
Harvest the maximum amount of energy from your system while also getting the highest design flexibility.
Long Strings Long Strings
Stretch your string length to the maximum possible, simplifying your design and reducing the SKUs you have to manage.

Modern Outpost offers the following Tigo Optimizers to our Canadian clients…

TS4-R (Retrofit/Add-on Jbox) options…

The TS4-R is a Retrofit or Add-on universal base. The TS4-R addresses the need for a retrofit solution that can be mounted on any existing installed PV system, connected to the existing PV module JBox, improving energy harvesting, greater flexibility, and increased control over the existing PV system.

Tigo ts4-r retrofit

The TS4-R is available for purchase immediately in three pre-assembled versions:

  • TS4-R-O: Optimization (includes all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring)
  • TS4-R-S: Safety (includes all the benefits of Monitoring)
  • TS4-R-M: Monitoring

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