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The very best in personal solar charger packs, backpacks, solar batteries & accessories…

Voltaic solar canadaVoltaic Systems manufactures state of the art solar backpacks, solar cases, & premium complete portable solar chargers for outdoor applications. More than just offering quality solar components, Voltaic pays attention to the complete package, developing solar chargers that provide practical, reliable solutions to portable power challenges. Backpacks, satchel bags, piggy-back carry cases, and laptop cases. Voltaic backs everything they do with exceptional service & warranty coverage.


We are pleased to carry a wide range of Voltaic Systems solar products. But we don’t just sell Voltaic, we know solar power, and match your needs to the Voltaic product that will offer the best solution. We provide service and value that other companies can’t.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special Voltaic Systems Canada solar feature page.

vc_fuse10w-cVoltaic Systems Personal Solar Cases

…ideal for small electronics up to & including laptops
AMP : Small zipper case for small USB devices
FUSE 4W : Small backpack piggy-back charger for small USB devices
FUSE 6W : Backpack piggy-back charger for all USB devices
FUSE 9W : Large backpack piggy-back charger for bigger USB devices
FUSE-10W : Backpack piggy-back solar for everything including laptops

SWITCH : The small shoulder case for smartphones & mini tablets
GENERATOR : The solar briefcase for laptops & moreVoltaic Off-Grid : Solar Backpack

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Voltaic Systems Solar Backpacks

…premium backpacks that do more than carry your stuff
CONVERTER : Compact day pack covers small USB devices
OFF-GRID 6W (2017) : Mid-size day pack redesigned – posting…
OFF-GRID 6W : Mid-size day pack cover small USB devices
ARRAY : Mid-size day pack for everything up to & including laptops
ARRAY (2017) : Mid-size day pack redesigned – posting…

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Voltaic Systems Folding Solar Chargers

…the leading personal solar chargers for USB & more
ARC 10W : The best folding USB solar charger we’ve seen (& we’ve seen many!)
ARC 20W : Advanced folding solar charger for 12V battery systems (& V72)

Voltaic Systems Solar Storage Batteries

…great with, or without, solar panelsVoltaic V72 battery pack
V72 : Supports all electronics up to & including laptops
V44 : Sleek USB battery pack for everything up to & including tablets
V15 : Sleek USB battery pack for everything up to & including smartphones

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USB TouchLightVoltaic Systems USB Lighting

…plug into any USB battery pack
USB TouchLight : Powerful, waterproof, 3W LED natural light pendant
USB Mini TouchLight : Extremely cool little USB light!
USB FlexLight : Extremely bright mini gooseneck lamp
USB Flashlight : Turn any USB battery into a powerful light

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Voltaic Systems Wiring Accessories & DIY Components

…put together your own solar power solution
Voltaic Panel Clips - CornersSolar Panel Modules…
17W / 18V Solar Panel : Use with V72 or standard systems
9W, 6V Solar Panel : Use with USB batteries & devices
6W, 6V Solar Panel : Use with USB batteries & devices
3.5W, 6V Solar Panel : Use with USB batteries & devices
2W, 6V Solar Panel : Use with USB batteries & devices
Pre-Engineered Kits…
17W Solar Kit : Premium power, storage, delivery
9W Solar Kit : High-power USB charging kit (see Nepal 9W)
Stellar USB 9W : Battery-free powerful USB charging kit
6W Solar Kit : USB charging kit (see Nepal 6W or Ultralight 6)
Stellar USB 6W : Battery-free USB charging kit
3.5W Solar Kit : Compact USB charging kit (see Kayak 3W or Ultralight 3)
2W Solar Kit : Ultralight USB charging kit (see Kayak 2W or Ultralight 2)
AA/AAA Solar Charger Kit : Works with all NiMh batteries

Cables, Connectors, & Accessories…

Apple MagSafe : Charge your MacBook from the sun
Apple MagSafe 2 : Charge your MacBook from the sun
MS Surface 2 : Charge your MS Surface 2 from the sun
MS Surface 3 : Charge your MS Surface 3 or (2 Pro) from the sun
“J” Tip : 7.4×5.1×2.1mm connector (HP/Dell)
“K” Tip : 7.9×5.6×0.9mm connector (Lenovo, & Goal Zero Yeti & Sherpa)
HP Tip : 7.4×5.1×0.6mm
DELL Tip : 7.4×5.0mm
Dell : 7.4×5.0mm x 5.5×2.1mm connector
AA/AAA USB Charger : Charge your batteries / Use your batteries
12V CLA Socket (3.5×1.1mm) :
12V CLA Socket (5.5×2.5mm) :

4-Panel Circuit Box :
3-Panel Circuit Box :
2-Panel Circuit Box (MicroUSB) :
2-Panel Circuit Box (MiniUSB) :
1-Panel Circuit Box :
Splitter Cable :
Combiner Cable

4′ Panel Extension Cable (3.5×1.1mm) :
10′ Panel Extension Cable (3.5×1.1mm) :

USB to Female 3.5×1.1 :
USB Shoulder Wire :
USB to MicroUSB :
USB to MiniUSB :
USB to 5.5×2.1 :

V72 Output Cable :
12V CLA Car Plug Input for V72/V60 Battery :
AC Charger for V72/V60 Battery :
Female 3.5×1.1mm to Male 5.5×2.1mm :
Female 3.5×1.1 to MicroUSB :
Female 3.5×1.1 to MiniUSB :
Female 3.5×1.1 to Universal USB Port Dongle

Male 5.5×2.1 to Male 3.5×1.1 :
Male 3.5×1.1 to MicroUSB :
Male 3.5×1.1 to MiniUSB :
Male 3.5×1.1 to USB Port :
Dual Port USB Car Adaptor :
Panel Post Nuts :
Steel Post Nuts
Panel Clips Corners :
Panel Clips Edges :
Universal Mounting Bracket :
Small Mounting Bracket :
Mounting Zip-Ties :

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