Sentinel WAVE ESS 8012 : Storage & Power System

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Wave ESS logoThe Sentinel WAVE ESS 8012 Storage & Power System is a Plug-&-Play power & energy storage system for residential use on new and existing grid interactive and off-grid energy storage applications.
The WAVE ESS integrates the industry’s leading and only Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) Aspen battery technology from Aquion Energy.
The system also incorporates an inverter designed and developed with world-class technology from Outback Power, including all wiring and communication devices within a fully engineered, robust enclosure.

The AHI™ Wave ESS is designed to make the installation and setup simple with minimal hardware, drop in paneling and simplified wiring inputs. The base unit boasts a continuous output of 4kW with scalable flexibility for future expansion–thanks to its sophisticated system design–the Wave can grow as your energy demands change.

The AHI™ Wave ESS requires no active maintenance which makes it cost-efficient due in part to the high-performance AHI™ chemistry at its core. Aquion batteries coupled with leading Outback inverter technology makes the system cleaner, safer, and smarter.

Applications for the AHI™ Wave ESS transcends residential energy storage by offering solutions such as; peak load shaving, grid stabilization, self-consumption and remote power applications. The AHI™ Wave ESS closes the loop in the clean energy cycle to create a truly sustainable way of producing, storing and consuming clean and sustainable energy.

The WAVE ESS 8012 is cleaner, safer, and smarter.

Rated Continuous Power: 8000W (base model)
Rated Energy Storage: 23.7 kWhr
Nominal Voltage: 48 VDC and 120/240 VAC
Peak Efficiency (INC): 95%
Peak Output Current 240VAC: 13.3 AAC (base model)
Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C ambient
Maximum Discharge Rate: 8.0 kW (base model)
Grid Interactive and Field Serviceable: Yes
Battery Type: Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™)

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