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Advanced thin film solar chargers & battery packs for the most demanding locations…

P3 Solar manufactures state of the art CIGS thin film portable solar panels for the US military and allied forces around the world. They also build lightweight lithium battery packs for people working & playing in remote places. P3 is a US company based in Arizona.

What’s the attraction to P3?
P3 has been powering polar and Greenland expeditions for years.  When portability & performance are critical, the CIGS solar cell technology is a standout option. The colder it gets the more power is made.  The new P3 modules exhibit no dark storage issues or any requirement for light soaking.  Forward to minute 1:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAZD1WVCexg to see how this research team deploys their P3 CIGS modules.

We are pleased to carry the entire P3 solar line. CIGS thin film solar modules are uniquely well-suited for Canadian locations. Their sensitivity, efficiency, & durability, mean you will generate more energy per day than with any other solar technology.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for on this special P3 Solar Canada page.

p3 solar 125w flexible solar panelP3 Folding Solar Panels

…powerful, flexible solar panels that pack down into small spaces for easy transport.
20 Watt
18059 : Desert Camo
18060 : Woodland Camo
18061 : Black
18062 : Multicam
30 Watt
18055 : Desert Camo
18056 : Woodland Camo
18057 : Black
18058 : Multicam
60 WattP3 solar multicam camo
18063 : Desert Camo
18064 : Woodland Camo
18065 : Black
18066 : Multicam
18030 : Multicam (24V)
75 Watt
18047 : Desert Camo
18048 : Woodland Camo
18049 : Black
18050 : Multicam
75 Watt (24V)P3 solar black
 : Desert Camo
18052 : Woodland Camo
18053 : Black
18054 : Multicam
100 Watt
18019 : Desert Camo
18020 : Woodland Camo
18025 : Black
18026 : Multicam
125 Watt
18041 : Desert Camo
18042 : Woodland Camo
18045 : Black
18046 : Multicam

P3 Rollable Solar Panels

No creases & folds, making these a little tougher than folding modules.

21 Watt
20089 : Black
21137 : Coyote Brown
80 Watt
21208 : Saffron (Yellow)
21214 : Coyote (Brown)
200 Watt
20124 : Saffron (Yellow)
20125 : Coyote (Brown)

EZ-Out Kit
(200W rollable solar panel with collapsible stand)

18005S : Saffron (Yellow)
18005S : Coyote (Brown)

EZ-Out Complete System
(200W solar with 20A MPPT Charge Controller, Cabling, Fusing, & Collapsible Stand)
21181 : Saffron (Yellow)
21182 : Coyote (Brown

P3 dynamo plus battery pack

P3 Solar Power Packs

… lightweight power storage & delivery solutions
DYNAMO-AC-600 : 600W AC/DC lithium power pack
DYNAMO-PLUS : DC solar battery pack

P3 Accessories

(pre-wired SAE cables to help you put it all together)

SAE-RING15 : 15″ zip-cord cable, 18AWG, SAE to #10 battery ring terminals
SAE-RING18 : 18″ zip-cord cable, 16AWG, Shrouded SAE to 5/16″ battery ring terminals
SAE-FCLA : SAE to female CLA socket (car outlet)
SAE-MCLA : SAE to male CLA plug
SAE-25 : SAE to 2.5mm barrel connector
SAE-21 : SAE to 2.1mm barrel connectorp3 7a charge controller
: SAE to dual SAE connectors (Y-cable)
SAE-EXT8 : SAE 8′ extension cable
SAE-EXT20 : SAE 20′ extension cable
SAE-CC7 : 7A solar charge controller (12V)

Application Note :
Using P3 Solar Panels with Goal Zero Battery Packs

Need your solar to be more sensitive for bad weather, high latitude, and partial shade conditions? Want to combine the outstanding low-light performance of P3 Solar panels with the reliability of Goal Zero battery packs? Here’s how to plug one into the other…

Goal Zero 8mm input port :
Use P3’s SAE-25 Connector combined with the Voltaic ‘K’ connector.

Goal Zero Car Adaptor :
Use P3’s SAE-FCLA female car socket with your Goal Zero battery’s car plug.

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