Enerplex Commandr 20 : 20W Folding Solar Panel

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Enerplex Commandr 20 folding solar panel for use with Enerplex Generatr series solar power packs.

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The Enerplex Commandr 20 : 20W Folding Solar Panel.
The EnerPlex® Commandr™ series of flexible high-power solar panels can power a variety of devices, we designed them for our Generatr Series of solar generators. The Commandr™ series of lightweight, and flexible solar panels can also power USB-enabled devices, 12V, and 19V electronic devices using our (optional) Commandr Power Converter Box. Obvoiusly, the more Commandr™ panels that are exposed to the sun, the stronger the power output. The Commandr™ can charge electronics at about the same rate as being plugged into the wall outlet. The Commandr™ CIGS solar panels are flexible which makes them super durable, they can be folded up for easy transport. And people ask us what makes the Commandr 20™ so durable? While most solar is placed on a glass substrate which makes the units heavy, rigid, and very breakable,CIGS solar panels have the ability to place solar on a plastic backing. This allows the panels to be flexible, lightweight, and quite rugged. And this technology is patented so only EnerPlex® sells these specific panels because our parent company Ascent Solar manufactures them here in the USA.

  • The Commandr 20™ flexible solar panel was designed for camping, construction sites, wilderness worksites, emergency preparedness and disaster relief operations
  • Engineered to power medium and small electronics, such as laptops, satellite & cell phones, tablets, and our Generatr Y1200 & S100 solar generators
  • Manufactured with the World’s Most Awarded Solar technology, one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions
  • Extremely DURABLE – literally “bullet-proof”- even if punctured or cut, the Commandr 20™ will continue to produce power
  • BEST dawn to dusk performance, and superior performance in less than ideal conditions (overcast conditions, indirect sunlight)
  • Portable flexible foldable solar panels 100% made in the USA
Commandr 20 Specifications…
Product Dimensions: 50.9″ x 14.6″ x 1″
Power: 20 Watt
Solar Cell Type: CIGS
Output: Cable (7.4 x 5.08mm Tip with Center Pin)
Warranty: 1 Year

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