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When it comes to premium water ‘purifiers’, nothing is more practical or affordable than the Seagull IV X-1 series from General Ecology. Note that this is an EPA certified ‘purifier’ that stands heads & shoulders above common carbon filtration & reverse osmosis systems.

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X-1KF : Purifier with chrome Esprit faucet & built-in Accuflow meter
The popular undersink model with slim, elegant Esprit faucet and built-in Accuflow meter for monitoring cartridge use.

The difference is not just the compact size & simplicity of installation, but more importantly the fact that the Seagull IV X-1 will remove both viruses & bacteria from your water in addition to an incredibly wide range of toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, metals, & sediment – something those other systems cannot do without secondary filter & chemical disinfection stages.

The most compact series in the Seagull line, the X-1 series are easy to install using included hardware, and are small enough to be placed out of the way in small kitchens & galleys. A variety of installation configurations & faucet hardware is available to meet your needs. Kits include: stainless X-1 pressure vessel, white braided high pressure quick-connect lines, “Structured Matrix” purification cartridge, & lead-free faucet with ceramic disk valves & lifetime finish.

General Ecology’s unique “Structured Matrix” technology is comprehensively effective in removing all 3 classes of microbiological contaminants (cysts, bacteria, and viruses). Also effective in removing a wide range of specific chemical contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, chlorine, foul tastes and odors, instantly, without chemicals. Certified to meet the EPA’s very rigorous Microbiological Standard for Drinking Water Purifiers.


Flow Rate:
1 Gal/min
3.8 L/min

1000 Gallons
approx 3,800 litres
(source dependant)

Micron Retention:
0.1 nominal
(0.4 absolute)

300 series stainless steel

5.375 x 4.125″ diam
13.65 x 10.5cm

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