Yeti 400 Replacement Battery by Goal Zero

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The replacement battery for the standard Yeti 400 solar power pack.
Goal Zero Part number: 91008

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Yeti 400 replacement battery.
Goal Zero Part number: 91008.

This replacement battery is no longer being provided by Goal Zero.

Bring Your Yeti 400 Up-To-Date!

The Yeti 400 uses a standard charging profile for Sealed-Lead-Acid battery types, and fortunately, there are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that are designed to operate with this same set of voltage parameters.

Option #1
RELiON RB35 : 35Ah, 12.8V LFP battery
Providing over 4,000 cycles to 50% DoD, and up to 4400Wh of energy storage.
(Compare this to the Yeti’s SLA battery : 500+ cycles & 180Wh storage.)
The lithium option also permits parallel battery expansion using the Yeti’s chaining port.
Lighter weight, better performance, longer life… less than half the price over the life of the battery.

Option #2
The BLF-1220AS battery from Bioenno also fits the Yeti 400 case, although not as completely, so would require spacers and or padding to secure the battery inside. The capacity is not as much as the RELiON RB35, but the performance is within the Yeti specs, and would make for a nice lightweight kit.

Your Yeti 400 going forward…

This is a very handy bit of hardware, so one option is to transform it into a front-end for a new portable battery system!
As you may have noticed, your Yeti 400 has a ‘Chaining Port’ located on the side of the box. This is how you would parallel additional Yeti 400 packs to yours to create additional capacity. You can parallel as many as 4 additional batteries. Same goes for the lithium replacement battery outlined above.

Yeti 400 SLA Replacement Battery Features…

  • Battery Type: Lead Acid (AGM)
  • Volts : 12V
  • Capacity : 33AHr
  • Lifecycles: 500-800
  • Shelf Life: Charge every 3 months for longest life
  • Battery dimensions (L x W x H) : 195 x 13 x 15.5mm (max height w/ terminals is 17mm)

Also the replacement battery for the Escape 350 Power Pack or Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator.

You can also use this for external chaining to your Yeti 400 in order to build greater system energy storage capacity. Chaining requires the following cables…
98010 : 6mm Ring Cable
90806A : 6mm to Anderson PP

Additional information

Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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