2W Voltaic Project Solar Panel (6V)

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Build your own USB charging station using these Voltaic solar panel modules. Designed to charge USB battery packs like the Voltaic USB Battery Pack V15. These lightweight, monocrystalline solar panels have the smallest footprint of any 2 Watt panel on the market and are super tough. They are waterproof, scratch resistant, and UV resistant.

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A great little solar panel module, using the most efficient single crystal solar cell technology. Built with threaded mounting holes on the corners, plastic mounting feet, and a 3.5×1.1mm male barrel-style connector on an 8″ cord.

Additional connection accessories are available… see the Accessories tab below.

Specifications for a Single 2 Watt Solar Panel
(many of Voltaic products have two of these panels, such as the AMP, Fuse 4W)

Dimensions: 135x112x5 mm (5.3×4.4×0.2 in)
Mass: 120 g (4 oz)
Substrate: 3 mm Aluminum/Plastic
Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Cell Efficiency: 18%
Open Circuit Voltage: 7.0 V
Peak Voltage*: 6.0 V
Peak Current*: 333 mA
Peak Power: 2.0 W
Connector: 3.5×1.1 mm plug
Mount: 4 stainless steel bolts
*Panel output is computed based on cell manufacturer’s data assuming 0% reduction of cell efficiency after packaging of cell strings. Electrical output tolerance +/- 10%. Under irradiance of 100 mW/cm2, absolute air mass of 1.5, at 25 °C, as per cell manufacturer’s specifications.



1. In your solar power projects
A great option for school science classes, electronics, and alternative energy studies. Cost effective, rugged, and efficient. Connect to your projects using the 3.1×1.1mm barrel connector on the end of the panel’s output cable.

2. To charge your USB devices
Connect directly to phones, GPS, & other USB devices using the optional Mini or Micro USB connectors. Note that the panel’s output current will vary with daylight intensity, and this may not make some USB devices happy. In these cases, your best option is to connect the panel to a storage battery pack that can deliver consistent power to the level your device wants (see the next option…)

3. Store power in a battery pack
This is by far the best option for powering USB devices. Connect the panel to a USB back-up storage battery using the optional Mini or Micro USB connectors. Or use the Voltaic V15 battery pack! The power you store from the panel in the back-up battery pack can be used any time, day or night, to charge your smartphone, GPS, camera, iPad, or other USB devices.


Want to combine several Voltaic solar panel together to create a more powerful solution?
Check the “Accessories” tab on this page to see the various plug-n-play circuit boxes available for doing just that. Combine 1, 2, 3, or 4 panels together in 6V or 12V configurations.


Want to use this solar panel to power your gear while out in the wilderness?
You will want to consider the following accessories…
Panel Straps – Secure the panel to your pack
Ansmann PL Vario Charger – Universal charger for AA/AAA, and most camera battery packs (3.6v-7.4v)

Additional information

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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