Conext SW Solar Hybrid Inverter SW4024

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Conext Solar Hybrid Inverter SW4024.
The Conext SW is the perfect go-to solution for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption for homes and small business.

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Conext Solar Hybrid Inverter SW4024.
The Conext SW is the perfect go-to solution for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption for homes and small business.

Why a Conext SW?

Offering a reliable power system for the residential market, small business or remote communities, the Conext SW is a pure sine wave battery inverter loaded with features that keeps your power on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible design allows it to be configured for any battery based inverter application (off-grid, backup power and self-consumption for new or retrofit installations).

Increase self-consumption by prioritizing use of PV energy over grid energy, store surplus PV in batteries for later use during peak time-of-use periods.

Reduce demand charges by using Conext SW’s peak-load shaving feature to offset high cost peak demand energy.

Secure against an unreliable grid with a long term solar backup even in the most challenging environments. The Conext SW is battery agnostic, allowing a wide range of battery storage solutions.

Provide a total grid-independence for off-grid installations with PV power. Reduce the cost of fossil fuel usage generator, maintenance and repair. Enjoy the freedom to power the toughest loads with the high surge rating of the product.

Simple industrial design along with an installation bracket make it easy to install by a single installer, and a basic user interface avoids accidental settings change by end-user.

Conext SW4024 inverter/charger features…

The integrated auto-transformer allows the use of an on-site single phase (120Vac) generator to provide input power to the Conext SW inverter and create a split phase output power (120/240Vac North America only).

AC-coupled Smart Charge ensures that batteries are charged only from PV power when AC-coupled. It provides power to charge batteries when excess PV power is available, load requirements are met, and energy is available for export to the grid.

AC and DC coupling capability and easily adapts to PV retrofit scenarios.

Enhanced grid support in DC-coupled PV with Xanbus enabled MPPT chargers ensures surplus PV is exported to the grid without cycling batteries. This increases battery life.

Dead battery charging revives batteries that have been accidentally discharged in unattended sites, over an extended period, past the point that normal chargers can not recover them.

Frequency shift charging curtails PV inverters when excess energy is available after the requirements of battery charging and load power are met, eliminating the need for diversion loads and achieving proper 3-stage charging.

Highest surge rating in its class with 2 x maximum continuous output power up to 7000 Watts will start the toughest loads.

Advanced self-consumption features of grid-support, peak- shaving, timer based charger block and time-of-use settings reduce the useage and cost of electricity.

Generator support allows power to be automatically drawn from the batteries to assist a small efficient AC generator to support heavy loads.

The lowest tare loss in its class and a timer based invert block feature ensures maximum conservation of energy under ideal use conditions.

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Conext SW4024 Brief Specs…

Output power (continuous) at 25oC : 3400W
Output power (30min) at 25oC : 4000W
Output power (5sec) at 25oC : 7000W
Peak current : 41A

Electrical specifications – charger
Output current : 90A
Nominal output voltage : 24VDC
Output voltage range : 12-32VDC
Charge control : 2 or 3 stage
Specifications are subject to change without notice

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