First Need XLE Elite Packable Water Purifier

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The very best. This is not just a filter… it is a purifier.

The EPA standards & criteria for being able to call yourself a ‘purifier’ are very tough, but the First Need XL exceeds them every test. This means that the water you get from the First Need is cleaner than what you will get from any standard filtration system, even RO. Best of all, it’s easy to pack along.

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Product Description

The First Need XLE Elite is a premium portable water purifier designed for backpacking, backcountry travel, and emergency preparedness. It features an extremely tough pump with easy grip handle, easily replaceable high-capacity purification cartridge, effective pre-filter assembly, and outlet adaptor that screws onto virtually any water bottle.

This kit includes the XLE Elite Cartridge.

What Makes The First Need XLE Elite Special?
This is a PURIFIER, not a mere microfilter…

Legally- Purifiers must meet EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers against bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

Most filters are intended to remove some taste and odours. Only a small selection of the very best water filters may remove specific protozoa, and possibly certain aesthetic contaminants, providing a lesser standard of protection than that of General Ecology water purification systems. General Ecology purifiers remove viruses, bacteria and protozoa, PLUS many organic and inorganic chemcial and aesthetic contaminants at the highest “purification” micron level (0.4 microns absolute) to provide great-tasting water while protecting against water-related disease. (Please see published test results)

Manufactured in the USA from the finest raw materials, General Ecology water purifiers are ecologically and environmentally compatible; they purify naturally without adding chlorine, iodine or other pesticides to the water you drink. General Ecology’s “Structured MatrixTM” technology is independently certified to USEPA Purification Standards against all three classes of waterborne disease organisms – parasitic cysts, bacteria, and viruses – instantly, without pre/post treatment, without wasting water, and without electricity. Outstandingly effective, they also remove chemical and aesthetic contaminants, providing superbly refreshing, spring-like water for a naturally healthy lifestyle.

What Does The First Need XLE Elite Remove?

Unlike typical water filters & microfilters, General Ecology’s unique “Structured Matrix” technology is comprehensively effective in removing all 3 classes of microbiological contaminants:

  • Cysts (ie. cryptosporidia, giardia)
  • Bacteria (ie. e.coli, fecal coliform)
  • Viruses

The First Need XLE Elite is also effective in removing a wide range of specific chemical contaminants, including…

The First Need XLE does all this instantly, with no hold time, and no chemical treatment. The First Needs are fully certified to meet the EPA’s very rigorous Microbiological Standard for Drinking Water Purifiers.

How it works…

General Ecology’s unique “Structured Matrix” utilizes three natural, non-chemical mechanisms to purify your water better than any other technology. The Ultrafine Cartridge microstrains down to 0.1 micron (0.4 absolute) – small enough to remove Giardia, cryptosporidia, and harmful bacteria. A broad-spectrum molecular capture process removes chlorine, foul tastes and odors, along with specific pesticides, herbicides and solvents. Electrochemical separations then remove colloids and other particles even smaller than those removed by ultrafine microstraining.

Due to this combined effectiveness, First Need XLE is one of the only compact portable water treatment pump unit certified to meet the EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological Purifiers against bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

The First Need XL Elite Features…
  • Removes Cysts, Bacteria & Viruses instantly & effectively
  • NEW Cleanout Port for improved sanitation
  • No chemicals, hold time or double pumping
  • Reliable, easy grip, palm molded handle
  • Double action pump• field serviceable
  • Gravity Assist Kit for “hands free” purification without pumping
  • Fits Nalgene “Wide” Bottles
  • Adapters for SIGG, Nalgene mid-mouth, Platypus, Soda Bottles
  • Sealed Canister: no brushing, scraping, or contact with contaminants
  • Integral safety cover
  • Backwashable
  • Long non-kink intake hose • self cleaning pre-filter with adjustable float
  • Water resistant nylon tote bag
  • 1 Year Warranty
Replacement Parts…

Replacement parts including hoses, seals, and prefilter, are available.

Safe Water…

General Ecology has been developing some of the finest water purification and micro filtration systems since 1973. Located near Valley Forge Park Pennsylvania, GE products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. The company’s products are designed to be compact, lightweight, and to reliably remove contaminants naturally, WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR ELECTRICITY.

First Need XLE Elite Specifications…
  • Flow rate:
    1.8 Quarts per minute (approx 1.8 litres per minute)
  • Cartridge Capacity:
    125 Gallons (approx 500 litres) based on typical wilderness water sources
  • Micron Retention:
    0.1 micron nominal
    0.4 micron absolute
  • Operating Temp:
    33F (0.5C) to 100F (38C)
  • Dimensions:
    Pump length: 8″ (20cm)
    Prefilter tube: 36″ (90cm)
    15oz / 426g

Additional Information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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