V11 USB Battery Pack

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Thinner and lighter than a pack of cards, this universal USB battery pack powers thousands of handheld electronics. It is included standard with several of the Voltaic Systems products.

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Output: 5.5V 600 mA
Input: 4.8-12V, 650mA
Maximum Output Power: 3.3 Watts
Output Capacity: 3,000 mAh, Charge Time: From solar in 7 hours, USB Port or optional AC and DC Chargers in 5.5 hours
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Protection: Short, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temp Weight: 3.9 Oz (108g)
Dimensions: 4″ x 2½” x ½” (102 x 65 x 16 mm)
Charge Display: LEDs light sequentially when charging .
Capacity Display: 1 light < 25%, 2 lights < 50%, 3 lights < 75%, 4 lights > 75% full

Useful Tips

Turn the battery on before charging your device by holding the power button down for a few seconds.Most cell phones, iPods, MP3 players charge at 5-5.5V. The power requirement for a particular device is typically indicated in the product literature, on the device itself, or on the charger (as power output).

If you don’t see the correct adapter for your device, please use the manufacturer supplied USB cable or contact us.
Available in Canada & the USA

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