SnapNrack Rail Splice Kit

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SnapNrack Rail Splice Kit. Mill (silver) or Black finish.

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Product Description

SnapNrack Rail Splice Kit. Mill (silver) or Black finish.

SnapNrack Rail Splice Features…
  • Bonding Standard Rail Splice enhances the rail strength integrity with its snap-in installation.
  • The mill finish insert features integrated bonding pins for electrical continuity.
  • The three bolt connection is secured with the same ½” socket size.

Why SnapNrack?

SnapNrack roof & ground mount rail & roof attachments are our leading choice. They are elegantly designed, easy to work with, finish nicely, have all the accessories you could ever need. Composite roofing, metal, shake, tile, or flat. SnapNrack has the top-quality parts & superior finish you are looking for.

SnapNrack reduces installation time by providing pre-assembled snap-in hardware, reduces installation costs by providing less required products, and reduces installation time using a single tool. Of course this all leads to a reduction in the amount of homes that rely on an old form of energy!

Utilizing unique “Snap-In” hardware, a single tool installation, pre-assembled hardware and no required cutting or drilling, SnapNrack systems really make things easy.

SnapNrack’s team believes that the mounting system is the key to driving down labor time, resulting in quicker and less expensive installations. SnapNrack products achieve this while never sacrificing aesthetics or product quality.

An important aspect of SnapNrack is keeping features built-in and pre-assembled, so there is no unnecessary products. Aesthetics are also built-in, as is wire management and grounding/bonding. So you can be sure your system looks great regardless of how you design your mounting system.

Additional Information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions N/A

Mill (silver), Black


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